The avant-garde ANDROMEDA collection is the result combining four types of chairs into a single piece of furniture. It truly is eye-catching in any in- or exterior. The piece inhabits the ‘easy chair’, ‘working chair’, ‘dining chair’ and ‘lounging chair’. For each rotation around the axis, a different chair appears. The curves and surfaces of ANDROMEDA are very carefully designed to accommodate the exact angles that each chair type needs. Matching side tables complete the collection.

The quality of ANDROMEDA is flawless. With a frame made out of sustainable Indonesian TEAK (that is at least 70 years of age and First European Quality) the FORMOSA collection can withstand almost anything. Our TEAK is known for not desiccating and being water repellent. That is due to the incredible grades of chalk, resin and oil found within the wood.

Availability: : 7 out of 25 available worldwide
Frame: Sustainable Indonesian Teak (FEQ)
Seating heights:
• Easy chair: 41cm
• Working chair: 45cm
• Dining chair: 49cm
• Lounging chair: 45cm

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