Designed from a single sweeping curve when seen from above, the Corasoll FORMOSA collection was created with a contemporary ‘feng shui’ philosophy in mind. The carefully designed backrest with a double curve gives a distinguished but elegant look. The backrests can be removed, either to create a comfortable daybed (to combine with another FORMOSA-piece) or to add Corasoll accessories like sunshades and serving trays. FORMOSA promises to leave a mark by offering a very comfortable seat while turning heads wherever it will be placed.

The quality of FORMOSA is impeccable With a frame made out of sustainable Indonesian TEAK (that is at least 70 years of age and First European Quality) the FORMOSA collection can withstand almost anything. Our TEAK is known for not desiccating and being water repellent. That is due to the incredible grades of chalk, resin and oil found within the wood. The cushions are made of Calipore® with fiberfill topping and two covers. Seams are finished with an interlocking thread and mesh fabric is integrated at the bottom. Long-lasting nylon zippers ensure backrests and covers can be removed as much as you would like. Sets include additional Stamoid Top® protection covers for the cushions.

Availability: 11 out of 25 available worldwide
Frame: Sustainable Indonesian Teak (FEQ)
Cushions: Calipore® with fiberfill topping and Stamoid Top® protection
Technology: Corasoll DBS© (Detachable Backrest System)

FORMOSA Standard
Length: 171cm
Width: 158cm
Height: 75,5cm
Seating height: 40cm

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