’There are no secrets to success, it’s the result of experience, hard work and learning from imperfection’’


About Corasoll

Corasoll aims to embody the art of luxury living. That started with a mutual belief. The belief that in- and exterior design is (like art) able to communicate identity. As a group of luxury living professionals with a wide variety of experience, we craft collections that evolve beyond functional essences and create objects that correspond with the identity of our customers.

Our team was first assembled by Olga – who with years of experience in the luxury living and yacht building market – found a truly talented designer named Sander. Numerous talks about their shared belief led to a vision on in- and exterior design pieces:

Nothing may be ordinary – Design should be timeless – Form has to follow function

Ontwerp moet tijdloos zijn – Niets mag doorsnee zijn – Vorm volgt altijd functie

This vision led to great designs, and what started as just that, was soon ready to be shaped into truly breath-taking objects. That is where Twan & Twan came in. With years of experience in building the most exclusive and high-quality custom interiors, Twan & Twan were the best match to build future Corasoll pieces. They brought in Ward to help develop the products to an unrivaled build quality and the first pieces quickly saw light.

Our story continued as more designs were (and still are) created. Head designer Sander strives on challenging the engineers. Only when machinery and craftsmen are stretched to the limits of their ability, he finds satisfaction, knowing that what he designed was never created before. That is why we say: a Corasoll piece is non-comparative.

Follow the journey of Corasoll pieces trough time, or better yet,

Sander (1994) is the talented head designer of Corasoll. He has both a background in Creative Technology as well as Industrial Design and has studied at the prestigious university KAIST in South Korea.

Twan van den Heuvel (1983) is a truly passionate and driven sales manger of Corasoll. He has years of experience in the management and production of both interior and exterior projects as well as projects in luxury yacht building. He has studied at the Koning Willem 1 college in ’s Hertogenbosch.

Twan van den Bogaart (1983) is a perfectionist and the driven engineering manager of Corasoll. He has years of experience in the production of interiors and exteriors in the luxury yacht building. He has studied at the Koning Willem 1 college in ’s Hertogenbosch.

Ward van Hout (1998) focuses on the development of Corasoll products. He always strives for perfection and aligns the engineering with the organisation. Ward has a background in luxury yacht building and is graduated as Technical Business Administrator.

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