Experience the art of luxury living. Exclusive in- and exterior design pieces handmade by true artisans in the Netherlands. Discover our collection now.



Sense harmony in this elegant design based on a single sweeping curve.


Let this eye catching ‘four-in-one’ design grab your attention


Experience the geometric design philosophy within this piece.


Discover art and accessories that match Corasoll collections.

Exclusivity and luxury

The art of luxury living is something truly perceived in exclusive designs of exceptional quality. We strive to make you experience this art by offering exclusive furniture, décor and upholstery, even providing lighting elements Experience true exclusivity, quality and service for yourself.


Every Corasoll piece comes with a 2-year guarantee. . We are able to offer that, because we only employ high quality materials, qualified artisans and the newest techniques. You will find materials like TEAK FEQ and upholstery that can withstand wind, water and sun for a lifetime in our collections. Your piece will come with a thorough material specification sheet. Would you like to request one up front? Would you like to request one up front? Click here.

Exclusivity & custom built

At Corasoll you invest in an exclusive in- or exterior design piece. For each collection only 25 pieces are made and delivered worldwide. You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your purchase to ensure the unicity of the piece. with your purchase to ensure the unicity of the piece. By using the newest technologies (like 3D-visualising), we are also able to offer custom built pieces. Take a look at the possibilities and request our Brand Book here.

Excellent service

That is why, at Corasoll, you will always be just one call away from excellent service. . For instance, to provide (guidance on) maintenance, in- and exterior design, or to take logistical challenges off your hands. Service is part and parcel of true luxury. Call us and experience the service that comes with true luxury for yourself.

’’Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.’’

Salvador Dali

"In our sophisticated society we want objects to move beyond fulfilling basic functional needs. They need to correspond with our identity and communicate who we are."

Stefano Giovannoni